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What is an off-ramp?

In the cryptocurrency space, an off-ramp is a method for moving value from cryptocurrencies into fiat money. Basically, “selling” cryptocurrency for a national currency.

Why off-ramps matter

Given that the overwhelming majority of the world’s economy (still) runs on fiat money, the ability to move value in and out of cryptocurrencies is crucial for integrating Web3 with the traditional economy.

Both businesses and end-users need off-ramps to make use of the value of their crypto in the physical world. For your digital businesses, offering an in-app, direct off-ramp to customers is a great incentive to keep users inside your application (and coming back, too).

How do off-ramps work?

Simply put, off-ramps are a way to exchange crypto for fiat. Some crypto exchanges are a type of off-ramp, although not the most convenient type. If a user wants to exchange their crypto for fiat via a crypto exchange, they have to leave your app, move their coins/tokens into their exchange wallets, find the trading pair, place an order, and initiate a withdrawal.

Our off-ramp eliminates most of these steps and lets your users move to fiat with just a few clicks, without ever leaving your app.

How to implement off-ramp in your app

If offering your users a seamless off-ramp experience from within your app sounds like your cup of tea, we have good news for you. We’re about to release our off-ramp, which will extend the delightful experience of our on-ramp to the off-ramping process.

Want to take a peak at how it works and learn more about how to integrate off-ramp? Request a demo right now!

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"We chose Ramp because of the wow effect! When you reach this level of UX, it is hard to distinguish technology from magic. It is purely sci-fi(nance) - you just get an SMS to connect to your bank and right after you got crypto in your wallet. ..." Pascal Tallarida Jarvis Network
"We love Ramp's product so much because of how they tackled the KYC problem in crypto-onboarding. Using open banking APIs solves this for our users and makes for a great UX! I often on-ramp my friends to crypto with Ramp too!..." Vadim Koleoshkin Zerion
"Ramp bridges the financial institutions of today with the decentralised web of tomorrow, just as Opera is enabling access to this new web in today's browsers. Solutions like Ramp are essential to our mission of bringing the vision of Web3 closer to reality...." Charles Hamel Opera